Welcome to SAE FARM meet Lahemaalammas (Lahemaa Sheep)!

Lahemaa Sheep are kept at Sae Farm in Kuusalu parish, which is situated in the western part of Lahemaa National Park east of Tallinn. Lahemaa Sheep are Estonian native sheep, the oldest domestic breed in the country. They have provided food and clothing for thousands of years.

The story of Lahemaa Sheep began in 2005, when the first coloured sheep arrived at Sae Farm. Today, we are the proud owners of a flock of Estonian native Sheep. We had discovered that small numbers of indiginous sheep had survived in the remote islands and border areas of Estonia. In our flock there are sheep from the islands of Kihnu, Ruhnu, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa and Virumaa from south and west Estonia.
In 2006, with the help of UNESCO and the Estonian Fund for Nature, genetic tests were carried out, throughout Estonia, to identify Estonian Native Sheep. As a result, 143 out of 212 sheep tested, proved to be pure native sheep. We are happy to have sheep from all four bloodlines tested (Kihnu, Ruhnu, Saare and Hiiu) on our farm. (See Maalammas and study materials).

 Lahemaa Sheep are small and tough, diligent grazers and brush browsers. Their multi-coloured coats consist of two layers, and outer coat of hair with a woollen undercoat. We have been able to spin yarn of eight different main colours with variations of shade. 

The colours come from Mother Nature and the sheep themselves. No dyeing is involved. We use old spinning wheels and drop spindles to create the yarn. Also ,some of our yarn is produced in a small woollen mill. This process is completely natural. We do not even use soap for washing, just spring water. See products.

Our sheep wear coats. The sheep do not mind about the coats one bit, but the owners do! The wool stays clean and free from debris and the colours do not fade in the sun.

 Lahemaa Sheep are healthy and happy. They usually produce two lambs. They can be black, white, grey or brown, some horned and some polled. The flock is growing so eventually, there will be too many for our farm. New homes must be found for these delightful and productive sheep. See products.

We are the Estonian agents for Ashford Spinning Wheels and equipment. (www.ashford.co.nz).

If you are interested in Lahemaa Sheep, or want more information about either our products or Ashford wheels, please call, e mail or write to us.

Lahemaa Sheep also welcome visitors.
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We look forward to meeting you.
Imbi and Taavi Jaetma.